4 Step Banana Matcha Ice Cream!

This is a delicious, dairy and sugar free, Vegan and Paleo friendly frozen treat. easy to make in 4 simple steps! 

What you need:

Step 1: Using a sharp blade, CAREFULLY chop the bananas into 3 or 4 sections (protip: peel and cut the bananas before freezing to save some effort on this step)

Step 2: Add the frozen bananas and Izu Green Matcha to your blender

Step 3: Blend on highest setting for about 10 to 15 seconds or until you reach a creamy, smooth consistency

Step 4: Place your blend into a freezer safe container or enjoy it straight away!



Not everyone has a thermometer on hand to check for the perfect 'post-boil' temperature. For those situations, here are some cool tips to help you get the best cuppa! You can boil your water and let it rest for the 'post-boil' times mentioned or just judge by eye according to the descriptions below:

Shrimp eyes - about 70-77 ºC/let water rest for 5 minutes post-boil - these are the first tiny pinhead bubbles you see. Some delicate green and white teas can be brewed at this stage. 

Crab eyes - about  77 ºC- 82 ºC/let water rest for 3 minutes post-boil - look for streams of slightly larger bubbles accompanied by ghostly wisps of steam. Some Chinese green and white teas can be brewed at this stage.

Fish eyes - about  82ºC - 88ºC/let water rest for 2 minutes post-boil- larger bubbles about the size of fish eyes (hence the name) will be visible along with a greater amount of steam. Heartier green teas can be brewed at this stage.

Rope of pearls - about  90ºC-96 ºC/let water rest for 1 minutes post-boil - this is the steady streams of large bubbles you'll see rising to the top of the water. Black teas and Oolongs can be brewed at this stage.

Raging torrent - 100ºC - This water looks like rapids in a raging river, it is at this stage that the water can lose oxygen so care must be taken to not let this happen. Black Teas and Pu' erh tea can be brewed at this stage.

Bonus: If you're making a second cup of tea or brewing again, please use fresh water. Water that boils repeatedly loses some gases that can give your tea off colours and flavours

The Perfect Cup of Tea

High Noon Tea Co wants you to have the best possible cup of tea: it's why we exist! We also want to be sure you know how to brew the best cup, once you get our tea.

All you need to start is:

  • Water

  • Kettle or Pot

  • Teapot or Cup

Note: be sure to use the best quality water available. Tap water may be fine if you don't mind the taste already or go for filtered water. Don't bother with distilled water though - it's lacking in the oxygen tea needs as it brews.
  • Black Tea Brewing Tips: Steep 1 rounded teaspoon of our black teas for ~3-5 minutes in 96°c - 100°c water from the purest possible source. Black teas require hotter water to break down and release their fullest flavour. Note: Due to their stronger flavor, steeping black tea too long will quickly result in a bitter taste. These teas do not hold up well to multiple brews.
  • White Tea Brewing Tips: Steep 2 rounded teaspoons our white teas for ~3-5 minutes in 80°c - 88°c water from the purest possible source. White teas are flexible and forgiving in their preparation so feel free to explore and experiment with different brew times for your white teas as one serving of white tea can be brewed several times, with each steeping revealing another element of flavor.
  • Green Tea Brewing Tips: Basic brew guidelines for our green tea generally depend on that particular teas firing process: typically steamed or pan-firedSteamed green teas can become quite astringent, or sharp, if the boil is too hot or if steeped too long - try steeping 1 rounded teaspoon in water that is around 72°c for 2 minutes, or 77°c for about 60 seconds. Play around with these times and temps to find your taste. Pan-fired green teas can take a higher heat to bring out their gentle toasty notes. 82°c for about 3 minutes.
  • Oolong Tea Brewing Tips: Oolong teas vary greatly in taste and prep time. Our darker, highly fermented Oolongs generally require very hot or even boiling water to get the leaves to open up and release their oils; brew at 90°c for 3-5 minutes. Steep time is really to your preference - Oolongs are designed to be steeped multiple times
  • *Bonus* Pu'erh Brewing Tips: Pu'erh is a varied and forgiving cup to brew; you can steep it for 30 seconds or 5 minutes - really, whatever your preference.